Friday, April 23, 2010

My 37th Birthday

Yeap.. 2 days has passed since my 37th birthday.. I can say... it was a good one even I have to attend a course on my birthday.

What I wish for my birthday?? Naaaa... better keep it to myself. It's better that way.

And guess what did I get from hubby for my birthday?

- Two months before my birthday, I got an iPhone from him.

- One month away from my birthday.. I got a DKNY perfume..

- 2 days before my birthday.. a bouquet of flowers..

And I thot that was it!

- But on the day of my birthday.. Another bouquet of flowers was sent to the hotel where I attended my course. Surprise!! Haa..haa..

Thanks so much sayang. I luv U..

Lots and lots of birthday wishes I received thru my FB. Thank you fren for remembering my birthday. I was so glad.

But among all the wishes, one wish from a long time fren really disturbed me. Why did he has to make such a "sarcastic" wish!!

He was saying something like - to be careful of what my hubby was giving me. Lots of surprises and presents.. And who knows one day hubby would be bringing a "MADU" for me. I know he was not joking... The way he worded it ... Urrgghhh.. I hate it!

But who cares rite!

My stand is that - Just enjoy what you have now. Nobody can predict what future will be.

Betul kan???