Thursday, April 24, 2014

21 April 2014

A year older.. A year wiser..

Akukah itu??

Yup That's me. I celebrated my birthday on 21 April 2014. Loads of surprises and presents this year from my beloved hubby. Hoho... I knew why... and I guess a few of my friends pun tau kenapa. Tapi... dah orang bagi, kita terima jer lah kan!

Hubby & myself took leave yesterday, Monday 21 April 2014. He told me that he's bringing me somewhere. But I didn't know where he s taking me until we were on the road. Guess what!! He's taking me to JPO! For a shopping spree. Seronoknya... hehe...

Below is the damage for yesterday's shopping.

And a month before that he has already bought me some presents. A Chanel perfume, levi's jeans and top up my MAC items yang dah abis.

Hubby.. even I didn't get anything for my birthday, I will still love you. Your presence will make my life complete. Thanks for being with me.