Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Trip

We were in Jakarta - Bandung from 23 Dec - 26 Dec recently.

It was in-laws family trip. Altogether there were 11 of us on the trip.

We board KLM and arrived Jakarta around 7:30p.m. as the flight was delayed. The tour guide was already there waiting when we arrived. The plan for the nite was dinner and then they will send us back to the hotel. We stayed in Triniti Hotel. It was only a so-so kind of hotel. But.. I tell you... the traffic that nite was havoc! It was jammed every corner of Jakarta!! Penat.. memang penat. After dinner.. checked-in to hotel and boom... off we went to bed!

Started our journey to Bandung early morning of 24 Dec coz we dont want to be caught in the traffic. Before we left Jakarta city, we stopped over at the National Park and also a place yang macam Mini Malaysia here. Really.. cant remember the exact name.

Weather was good and we had a smooth journey to Bandung. The first stop was at Tangkuban Perahu. It was my second time here. Nothing has changed since the last time I was here.. about 3 years ago. Took some photos and bought a few souvenirs. Didnt stay long as it drizzles a bit.

AND... the journey from Tangkuban Perahu to Bandung City kills us. Jammed..jammed..jammed!! Fenin makcik.. As soon as we arrived in Bandung City the tour guide brought us to have dinner. At a Sunda restaurant. I'm very bad at remembering names. So there wont be any restaurant names mentioned here.. So boring kaaannn....

NOW... the interesting part is here. SHOPPING!! Even just for a while, because its already late, but we managed to grab a few things from Rumah Mode. Oooooo.. how I love the place. Got myself a few dresses and t-shirts. memang best!

Finished shopping, we checked-in at Nalendra Hotel. And I wanted to warn you guys out there. Dont you ever go to this hotel! We lost a few newly bought stuffs here. The housekeeping staff took the newly bought baju and seluar and the bad things are.. we only realized it when we reach Malaysia. Anyhow, we did make a complaint to the tour agent. Hope that they can do something about it. Bad experience here...

The third day there, we visited a few outlets and also Pasar Baru. Ramainya....manusia! But who cares rite. Shopping means shopping. Ramai ke tak ramai ke, misi harus diteruskan. At Pasar Baru, I got a few pieces of kain ela. This is for my coming Hari Raya preparation. So later tak payahla nak bersesak-sesak kat Jakel and Gulatis lagi. Hehee..

And dekat outlets pulak, I got myself some jeans, shirts and etc. Rizq lah paling untung. Asyik2 barang dia.. asyik2 barang dia lagi! Huhu...

And another thing that I want to warn you. Kalau kat sini you have to be very very careful on the food and drinks. Few of us.. My MIL, SILs, Rizq, all got diarrhea and vomitting. Memang teruk this time. Semua lembik dah... Termasuk lah Rizq. Kesian sungguh budak kecik tu.

So the next day, Monday.. we were on our journey back to Jakarta. Risau jugak kalau Rizq muntah, but alhamdulillah he's asleep all thru the journey. Flight back to KL is at 7:25p.m. So while waiting the tour guide dropped us at Mangga 2. Bayangkan dekat tempat yang besar n sesak tu.. me and hubby has to take turns to carry Rizq for 3 hours! Memang patah pinggang we all. Nasib baik sempat 2 rounds of massage in Bandung. At least bolehlah bertahan sikit..

Petang tu arrived at airport, and lucky that the flight is on time.. Sampai KL dah lewat malam. But my aim is to go Bandung again next year to shop! Jom.. sapa nak ikut????

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Hate This Feeling

I just hate this feeling. The feel of lost in the middle of nowhere.. the feel of insecure.. and the feel of emptiness!

It happened today, when I got the news. A bit shocked but am still ok.

Hope that it won't last that long. I know I wont be getting the answer..EVER! But I'll be strong. Insyaallah....