Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Trip

We were in Jakarta - Bandung from 23 Dec - 26 Dec recently.

It was in-laws family trip. Altogether there were 11 of us on the trip.

We board KLM and arrived Jakarta around 7:30p.m. as the flight was delayed. The tour guide was already there waiting when we arrived. The plan for the nite was dinner and then they will send us back to the hotel. We stayed in Triniti Hotel. It was only a so-so kind of hotel. But.. I tell you... the traffic that nite was havoc! It was jammed every corner of Jakarta!! Penat.. memang penat. After dinner.. checked-in to hotel and boom... off we went to bed!

Started our journey to Bandung early morning of 24 Dec coz we dont want to be caught in the traffic. Before we left Jakarta city, we stopped over at the National Park and also a place yang macam Mini Malaysia here. Really.. cant remember the exact name.

Weather was good and we had a smooth journey to Bandung. The first stop was at Tangkuban Perahu. It was my second time here. Nothing has changed since the last time I was here.. about 3 years ago. Took some photos and bought a few souvenirs. Didnt stay long as it drizzles a bit.

AND... the journey from Tangkuban Perahu to Bandung City kills us. Jammed..jammed..jammed!! Fenin makcik.. As soon as we arrived in Bandung City the tour guide brought us to have dinner. At a Sunda restaurant. I'm very bad at remembering names. So there wont be any restaurant names mentioned here.. So boring kaaannn....

NOW... the interesting part is here. SHOPPING!! Even just for a while, because its already late, but we managed to grab a few things from Rumah Mode. Oooooo.. how I love the place. Got myself a few dresses and t-shirts. memang best!

Finished shopping, we checked-in at Nalendra Hotel. And I wanted to warn you guys out there. Dont you ever go to this hotel! We lost a few newly bought stuffs here. The housekeeping staff took the newly bought baju and seluar and the bad things are.. we only realized it when we reach Malaysia. Anyhow, we did make a complaint to the tour agent. Hope that they can do something about it. Bad experience here...

The third day there, we visited a few outlets and also Pasar Baru. Ramainya....manusia! But who cares rite. Shopping means shopping. Ramai ke tak ramai ke, misi harus diteruskan. At Pasar Baru, I got a few pieces of kain ela. This is for my coming Hari Raya preparation. So later tak payahla nak bersesak-sesak kat Jakel and Gulatis lagi. Hehee..

And dekat outlets pulak, I got myself some jeans, shirts and etc. Rizq lah paling untung. Asyik2 barang dia.. asyik2 barang dia lagi! Huhu...

And another thing that I want to warn you. Kalau kat sini you have to be very very careful on the food and drinks. Few of us.. My MIL, SILs, Rizq, all got diarrhea and vomitting. Memang teruk this time. Semua lembik dah... Termasuk lah Rizq. Kesian sungguh budak kecik tu.

So the next day, Monday.. we were on our journey back to Jakarta. Risau jugak kalau Rizq muntah, but alhamdulillah he's asleep all thru the journey. Flight back to KL is at 7:25p.m. So while waiting the tour guide dropped us at Mangga 2. Bayangkan dekat tempat yang besar n sesak tu.. me and hubby has to take turns to carry Rizq for 3 hours! Memang patah pinggang we all. Nasib baik sempat 2 rounds of massage in Bandung. At least bolehlah bertahan sikit..

Petang tu arrived at airport, and lucky that the flight is on time.. Sampai KL dah lewat malam. But my aim is to go Bandung again next year to shop! Jom.. sapa nak ikut????

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Hate This Feeling

I just hate this feeling. The feel of lost in the middle of nowhere.. the feel of insecure.. and the feel of emptiness!

It happened today, when I got the news. A bit shocked but am still ok.

Hope that it won't last that long. I know I wont be getting the answer..EVER! But I'll be strong. Insyaallah....

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Away Again

This week I was really bz with my golf tournament. I'm not the one who play golf tho, it's the tournament my office is organising. As part of the Committee, there are so many things to handle and to resolve. Lucky that I have been doing this for a few years now. So there's not much problem that I need to face.

This year it will be at Kelab Golf Seri Selangor. As usual we have to be there as early as 6:15a.m. Macam aku la pulak nak bergolfing nya. Hehe... Tapi tak per lah. Dah tugas kan. Tapi yang boringnya En Hubby pun tak ada kat rumah this week. He'll be away in Terengganu for 4 days. Meeting + golfing.. ermmm... tak syiok sungguh lah!

But Mak will be around next week. I'm gonna fetch Mak from Teluk Intan on Saturday and she will stay with us till next week. After that Abang will take turn to bawak Mak jalan-jalan. This time around to Bandung. After Bapak passed away in February this is Mak's routine. If not with us, she will be with the sister. Then balik rumah for a month or two.. then we all will take turns to fetch her again and bring to Kuala Lumpur.

Yesterday was Mak's 71th Birthday. Happy Birthday Mak!! We all luv U..

Monday, July 04, 2011

Hoping For Many More Years To Come... Amin

Alhamdulillah.. today genap usia perkahwinan aku 13 tahun. Too many ups and downs but we managed to overcome it. Maybe jodoh we all panjang. Walaupun dugaan yang datang tu kuat, tapi TQ Allah. Allah selalu memberi aku petunjuk & jalan dalam menyelesaikan segala masalah yang kami hadapi.

Apa-apa pun, aku nak ucapkan beribu-ribu terima kasih for my sweet and understanding hubby. Thanks for being by my side whenever I need u. Thank you also for being a great daddy for our one and only son! Luv U!

Friday, July 01, 2011

A Short One

Lately life has been so hectic.. With work, with personal... That makes me crazy.. Or nearly crazy.

But somehow or rather, I like it now better than life back then. I feel more energetic.. more lively! Lots of things to do that makes me busy.

But the most important thing is to see my only son growing right infront of me. I don not want to miss a single second of it.

And I have found a new hobby. I'm into cooking nowadays. Or to be more specific..baking! Love to bake cakes. And trying all sort of recipes that I can find in the internet. Hope that I can be a good chef one day.. heheh...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Miss My Bapak

Bapak has peacefully pulang menemui Allah on 18 February 2011. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas Arwah Bapak. Gambar diatas diambil kalau tak silap sehari sebelum Hari Raya Puasa tahun lepas. Dan tahun ini, aku akan beraya tanpa Bapak disisi. For the first time after 38 years of life I wont be able to salam and peluk Bapak di pagi Raya.

Bapak has suddenly fell very ill 2 weeks before he passed away. All of a sudden he got a non-stop hiccups for a few days. Mak who felt sad and pity of him, called a doctor to our house. The doctor suggested for Bapak to have a rest by giving him a pill to stop the hiccups. Actually the pill has made him felt sleepy. He asked for some food.. and while mak is feeding him, he suddenly felt asleep with food still in his mouth. Mak has to cleaned him up and let him sleep.

But after nearly 12 hours, he still did not wake up. Abang who was worried of him called an ambulance to bring him to the hospital.

And start from that moment he was hospitalised for 2 weeks in Hospital Teluk Intan. Once in a while I will make a day trip to balik kampung to visit him. And every time I have to return to KL, my tears will run down slowly. I try not to it to him or Mak.

The last trip I visited him was 4 days before he passed away. He hold my hands and tell me.."Na, bawak bapak dengan mak balik. Bapak dah tak sakit... Panggil doctor. Bapak nak balik.." Aku cuba pujuk dia. Aku kata Bapak kena duduk hospital.. Bapak belum sihat.

Then he continued.."Dah tinggalkan mak duit teksi? Nanti senang Bapak nak balik..."

He really wants to go home..!! But I cant...

And now I only can bring all his memories back home. Hajat dia nak meninggal dirumah tak kesampaian... He passed away after undrwent an operation to his swollen feet..

Bapak.. Ina..mak, kakak dan abang akan sentiasa merindui kehadiran BAPAK!!

We miss u!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Wish On My Birthday

Pagi2 masuk.. dah ada org nyanyikan happy birthday song for me. How I'm glad I had such a good and nice fren around me. What more can I wish than having real frens around kan!

Me and my Bday Cake! Even it's only a small cahe.. it brings lots of meaning to me...

I will be on a half day leave today.. rayau rayau.. makan makan... then malam ada dinner dengan hubby. Nothing much actually...

But I really thanked Allah for giving me another year to enjoy my life with my loved ones. And thank you mak & arwah bapak for bringing me up, give me good education and teach me all sorts of beautiful things in the world. I could never repay you for all these....

And to hubby.. thank you for being an understanding husband in our 13 years of luvly marriage. I love you so much!

And to my one and only son.. Rizq Aqeef.. mummy has no better words to describe how lucky I am to have you in my life. you are the most precious gift Allah has given mummy and daddy! We luv you so much sayang!

And for myself.. I will try harder to be a good daughter, wife, mummy, fren and Muslim etc.. Insyaallah...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bye Bye Tummy

It's been ages since I last updated my blog. This is the bahana lah when we are so into FB.. hahaha.. Talking about myself lah nie. And I've lost my skill in writing dah nie. Do not know how to start and where to start....and what to start..

Ermm.. lets see. I will start today to blog about myself. A little bit of an update.

Gemuk... I think if not every.. most woman will hate to be fat kan. Mee too. Even hubby tak pernah komplen, tapi atas kesedaran diri sendiri, I think I need to do something about myself. Dengan ketinggian 5 kaki 2 inci dan berat badan 55kg.. that will make me fall dalam kategori gemuk bantut.. as some guys in my office luv to mengutuk... hehehe.. But I think I am not that bad though..

Sebagai permulaan... I started with a low carb diet. Not that strict but I tried my best to avoid carb i.e. nasi, mee, roti etc. It has been 2 weeks that I am without nasi. But I can't escape bread becoz that is my favourite. Sambil-sambil tu I am taking some supplement which can help me to reduce a bit faster. This is a supplement yang BUKAN the "buang-buang isi perut" tu tau. This supplement will just help you not to feel hungry very fast.

After 2 weeks of taking the supplement and live without nasi (huhuhu), my tummy almost gone! serious ni tau! Even my weight tak banyak changes, but you will definitely see changes on my tummy. And for me it's something that I have been trying for so long, but only now I can see the difference!

A big clap for myself....!!