Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back To Work

This is the second day of work after nearly a week of holiday...Malasnyaaaa! That word best describe what I am feeling at the moment.

Bangkok trip was not a bad one. As a matter of fact I enjoyed it very much.

We arrived in Bangkok on Thursday noon. Nothing much. Cuma pergi jalan jalan tengok temple, the gem factory and shopping kat MBK. Itupun dah sampai malam becoz the traffic in Bangkok is worse that we normally experience in KL. We are lucky becoz the hotel that we stayed ada Muslim kitchen and dekat dengan the rest of Muslim nyer kedai. Turun jer hotel, ada pasar malam...we can bargain a lot kat situ.

The next morning was where the melawat melawat day. Right after breakfast, we went to the floating market. It was like a two hours drive from Bangkok. It was a truly unique experience for us. Didn't buy much as we wanted to save for the Chatuchak market. On the way back to Bangkok, we stopped over a few places; the crocodile farm, the cobra show, rose garden etc. Lewat petang baru sampai ke hotel balik. Malam, again we went to the pasar malam exactly kat bawah hotel. After that we went to Patpong (again its like a pasar malam, but with very expensive items sold). Dalam pukul 11:00 malam, we all (me, hubby and two friends of ours) pergi minum teh tarik kat one of the kedai mamak kat Sukhumvit area. Done with the teh tarik around 12:00 midnite, pergi massage kaki for 1 1/2 hours. LEGA......

This is the day that we have been waiting for. Shopping dekat Chatuchak market. There are around 15,000 stalls kat sini. True enough we can't cover all stalls. But things here are very cheap! You just name what you want and you can find them here! Loads of our stuff we bought it here...

Lewat petang is when our pick-up would take us to the Airport. Sedih jugak sebab cuti dah habis but, I am so GLAD becoz I'm going back to see my baby RIZQ. I'm sure that he missess us as much as we are missing him.

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